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CNC Milling & CNC Turning for Pasteurization System Seal Ring in the Food Processing Industry

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Seal Ring

Seal Ring Cut
Seal Ring Cut

Seal Ring Design
Seal Ring Design

A client from the food processing industry contracted American Manufacturing Co. to adjust a series of seal rings to ensure better durability. Part of a high pressure pasteurization machine which helps kill food borne pathogens and other organisms that cause spoilage, the rings operate in a sealed cylinder with a travel of up to ten feet. Various foods are placed inside the cylinder, which builds an internal pressure of up to 87,000 psi. Placed under a specific pressure for a period of time, most food bacteria are destroyed within these machines.

When the client contacted our company, they were achieving 8,000 cycles per seal from their OEM. By undergoing a variety of material analyses, we were able to make some much-needed adjustments to the units. Combining our advanced turning and milling processes, and upholding a (+/-) .001 inch precision tolerance, we helped ensure these seal rings surpass OEM life expectancy at a fraction of the original cost.

Constructed from ASTM B271 bronze material, each unit measured 15.375 inches in outside diameter, 14 inches in inside diameter, and .75 inches in length. And, each seal ring weighed 4.5 pounds. Handling between five to twenty parts per order, we were successfully able to provide our client's products with better durability at significantly lower costs.

Seal Ring CAD Drawing

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Product Description: Seal ring for a high pressure pasteurization system

Capabilities Applies: Material Analysis

Equipment used: CNC lathe
CNC Mill

Overall part dim: Ø15.375 O.D. x Ø14.0 I.D. x .750 long

Tightest tolerance: -.001

Material used: Bronze ASTM B271

Part weight: 4.5 lbs.

Volume: 5-20 Units / Order

Industry: Food Processing

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