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CNC Machining and Heat Treatment for Reverse Engineering of Meat Auger Shaft in the Food Processing Industry

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Meat Auger Part

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Meat Auger Shaft

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Meat Auger Print

A client from the food processing industry contracted American Manufacturing Co. to produce a series of meat auger shafts. The parts are under continuous use and wear out regularly, and the OEM manufacturer for this particular machine is located in Europe. With high pricing and slow turnaround, the continual replacement of this item by the original supplier was becoming quite problematic and costly.

Using our advanced technology, which included a combination of turning, milling, and heat treating, we were able to reverse engineer each unit, restoring the parts back to full functionality at one third the price of their original manufacturer. Moreover, we were able to provide quick turnaround service, delivering the new parts within 12 days, as opposed to the nine week turnaround time that was provided by their OEM supplier.

Upholding a tightness tolerance of (+/-) .0005 inches, we constructed each shaft out of 1.750 inch diameter A2 tool steel. Each part measured 1.75 inches in diameter and 7 inches in length, and weighed two pounds. After the shafts were constructed, we heat treated each unit, providing the products with a durable, Rockwell Hardness.

Through our advanced machining technology, we were able to reverse engineer each shaft until it retained full functionality. Meeting client expectations, this process provided significant cost and time savings for our customer in comparison to replacing each worn-out shaft with a new part from their OEM manufacturer. We now produce between 5 to 25 units per order for this food industry client.

Meat Auger CAD Drawing

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Project Specifications

Product Description: Shaft used in food processing equipment

Capabilities Applied: Turning
Heat Treating

Equipment used: CNC Lathe, CNC mill

Overall part dim: Ø1.750" x 7.00" long

Tightest tolerance: -.0005

Material used: Ø1.750" A2 tool steel

In Process testing: Rockwell Hardness

Part weight: 2 lbs.

Volume: 5-25 Units / Order

Industry: Food Processing

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